Jordan P Jackson is an interdisciplinary artist, comic book writer, animator, and graphic designer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Jordan is the founder of JP Jackson Art, a production company that empowers intersectional storytelling through comics and animation. JP Jackson Art was born out of the necessity for empower black artists and storytellers; we elevate black stories and bring a cinematic quality to the comic experience.

A passionate young artist at 10, he spent 12 years in art academia, honing his craft from drawing and oil painting, to 2-D animation. He graduated with a BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016. His career started as freelance animator; however he found a new tribe within the Independent Comic space after attending several black-focused comic conventions in 2017. He began vending at comic conventions and networking with other independent creators in 2019. His illustrations and artwork have transformed the brands of Ancient Illumination and Jericho's Bane, bringing them into the world of independent comics and animation. He is the artist behind science fiction graphic novels, Ancient Illumination, to Jericho's Bane: The Rift; he is also the creator of the comic series The E.V.E of Insurrection .

Jordan's work embues high quality while highlighting   an incredible team of  editors, letters, and artists of color. He hosts workshops with the youth through Afro Charities and Art Way Alliance, sharing his love for art and expression. The goal is to provide children from underserved communities with the tools to build their own worlds and empower the next generation to control their own narrative.