Hello everyone!!! I hope you all are surviving and remaining safe during this quarantine. Today I will be unveiling my fist live Instagram Live stream dedicating to raising money to go towards organizations that are assisting communities and individuals trapped by our prison systems during COVID-19. These people aren't receiving proper healthcare and treatment and deserve to be out of prison and have the ability to self quarantine and receive proper care.  I will be working along side various artists over the next week. You will be able to see my process of creating hand drawn sketch cards, as well as a featured artists work process. I will be leaving links on my Instagram that will allow you to donate directly to the National Bail Fund Network and National Bail Out. After I complete the drawings, you will be able to purchase them from my shopify and all the proceeds will go to either of these two organizations. All the links will be available on my Instagram bio. I understand this is rough time for most of us economically, any amount is acceptable! I hope we all can continue to come together as a community and help those that society has rejected. Thank you!